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Pin up wow Leah takes down dictation while wearing black stockings and red heels

Thursday, November 13th, 2014

Lovely new PinUp wow babe Leah, looks so perfect as she arrives to take down dictation. Dressed in this white dress, black stockings and red heels and a little pair of red panties. Then when her naughty eyes see the fan, we soon see that this is not all that the sexy Leah is planning to take down! She is planning to take down all her clothes. Well most of them anyway. Pin up wow is an amazing and unique site for those who love real pin up stunners.

“Leah I would certainly have you dress in the most provocative way possible for when I ventured to your office. Fuck me heels and the tightest thongs (if I allow you tp wear any!). I may even pretend to be that American client who may be calling! I may taunt you for being left in the office all alone to service a client, or get you to type whilst I watch you. Control the anticipation and tease you with sexual passes and brush against you gently from behind. Of course, I may just want you that much with the high heels and short skirt, that I may push you up against the wall, Id turn you around and push up against you and whisper filth in your ears, telling you what Im about to do next. You will see the experience and confidence as I have you sit and spread yours legs for me whilst I watch your chest heave with nerves. Fucking will have a new meaning, and each time you see walk into the office the next day, you’ll have that cheeky smile of knowing what others dont.”


Nylon Jane strips and flashes her panties and stockings in the warehouse

Tuesday, November 11th, 2014

Nylon Jane is one fucking kinky bitch. She will fuck anyone and do anything, men, women, cross dressers the lot on her exclusive and very kinky amateur porn site. One thing though each set of pictures and movie has in common is that Nylon Jane loves to dress up in stockings and pantyhose. Today Jane is flashing us her panties up her skirt and flashing us her stockings. Before she strips off down to her stockings and lingerie.

“My fantasy with Nylon Jane begins after e mail exchanges when I discover your various sizes, in particular shoe! Before meeting you’ll receive a number of secret parcels to insure you’ll be wearing exactly what I want;naturally it would have to be sympathetic to your office environment,which fits in nicely with the next part of our fantasy. I want you to wear a tight blouse, short tight skirt, stockings, black lacy bra and panties and high heels. I would love to bend you over your desk and slide my very big hard cock up you. I would also love you to lie down on top of the desk topless with your skirt pulled up high so I can slide my cock in and and out of your mouth and play with your tits and you put your fingers down your panties and play with your clitoris while you suck me off.”


Busty British blonde Sandy

Sunday, November 9th, 2014

Sandy the Bedfordshire Blonde is a very hot British lady who not only has huge boobs and a real love of stockings and uniforms, she also loves to get all her clothes off in front of the camera. Lucky for us.

The idea of meeting in your office sounds like a cue for the boardroom table to be used surely? I can imagine you lying back on it as I pull your knickers down your legs from under your skirt, allowing me to be push your short skirt up slightly allowing my tongue space to lick your inner thighs above your stockings, the roughness of my tongue exciting you as you feel it getting closer to your warm pussy - slowly getting closer and yet not quite reaching until you pull my head closer into you. The scent of your sex rises into my nostrils as I’m forced by you to press into your pussy, my tongue now licking up and down your lips making sure you are wet and allowing me to taste you before being pressed, like a small soft, cock between your lips and inside you.

Pushing you further on to the table, your hands reach for me and encourage me to turn round so that my groin is above your face. now, moving your hands to my suit trousers, you unbutton them, and open my zip allowing your fingers access inside where they curl round my cock, pulling it out towards your mouth so that you can start to lick over and around its head as my fingers gently rub over your inner thighs. You pull my trousers down my legs, exposing my bare bum, and one of your hands slides over my hardening cock tantalisingly just beyond the reach of your mouth.

My tongue flicks over your clit as one of my fingers gently pushes into your pussy and starts to curl against your inner walls as it goes further inside, seeking the roughness of the inner surface marking your g-spot. As I reach it, your other hand rests on my bum, fingers in the crack, and you pull me closer to you so that you can take more of my cock into your mouth. The fingers of my free hand start to play against the skin of your inner thighs, and the spot between your cunt and your anus, barely touching your skin so that you can’t be sure whether I’m touching you or not.

As you get hotter, with the attention of my tongue on your clit, my fingers against your skin and inside you, you gently close your teeth around my hard cock as i start to move my hips in and out, your mouth filling with my penis as you push my head harder against your, forcing me to lick and gently nibble at your clit and pussy. My fingers pushing in and out of your damp pussy as we both breathe heavily with the excitement created by the others attention to our sexual centres” Watch the full length movie here

Trinity in stockings at home and at work

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

In trinity Clothed, people get to see loads of different fetish smut. No BDSM, gag-ball variety of fetish kink as well although certainly not the kind of kink trinity is usually in to) however loads of details as tough nipples inside tight satin blouses, bright see through pantyhose, numerous layer material shimmering through each other, down blouse plus upskirt photos, buttons (along with un-buttons), ejaculate upon apparel, point of view hardcore sex most dressed up, in addition a little of water sports.

trinity runs her web-site for excitement. Trinity’s own site is definitely not a job for trinity and her husband, however they attempt to produce anything appear and also feel professional, yet still its self made genuine stuff. trinity has tons of single filthy content on her internet site and also tons of content together with her and some other filthy women of all ages as well as guys. Despite the fact that trinity features mostly her wearing nylons, trinity fucks wearing fishnet pantyhose, tights, PVC, Rubber plus a lot more. Enjoy as, this slut seduces a person in her office & gives him a great cock sucking just before he cums all over this sluts glasses within these special pictures from the sluts web page. Next the dirty bitch loves to get dressed up and have her fanny licked, by each men and also women. With these snap shots, at first we have her outfitted as a French maid along with the woman’s buddy plus then we have trinity using a submissive male, both of them like to lick out the whores cunt.


Amazing Astrid is back home from work strips off her office clothes and spreads her stocking covered legs

Saturday, November 1st, 2014

Spunky specs is a new blog for lovers of secretaries This Stunning mature stocking wearing secretary, I have taken this great post from this office blog for you. Amazing Astrid has just got in from work. All dressed up in her business suit, fully fashioned stockings and high heel shoes. Amazing Astrid is the nets sexiest mature stocking wearing slut I have ever seen. With lots of real uniform porn, including Astrid dressed as a secretary. Though this isn’t just a secretary site it is a fucking amazing site for those of you who love mature women in fully fashioned stockings.

“Amazing Astrid I would come into your office and we could either do a roleplay where I am a client or your boss and we end up fucking or we dont muck around and I come straight in and you go on your knees and begin to suck me off before I turn you around spread your stocking covered legs and take you up your perfect ass over your desk. Or better still. I love to imagine you wearing dark blue business jacket and skirt, very formal looking yet you have the top undone just enough to the top of your bra and a wonderful cleavage. I would sit behind the desk trying to dictate a letter but all the time you would keep leaning forward and I would try to sneak peeks down your top without noticing. You eventually notice me peeking and decide to sit on my lap for the dictation. You tease me by squirming around on my lap andsmile to yourself as you feel my erection growing. You take my hand and place it into your boobs , my hands snake inside the loosened top and caress you through your bra. I can’t take anymore and beg you to strip for me. You stand in front of me, look mr in the eye and slowly remove all your clothing except for your stockings. You then kneel in front of me, gently release my erection and take me into your mouth while I whisper what a good girl you are being.” If you want to see more great office porn then visit spunky specs here


Busty secretary from Vintage nylons in the office with a 12 strap suspender belt

Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

Another fucking hot vintage nylon wearing secretary. But today this busty secretary has on a great 12 strap suspender belt. I love all vintage and classic suspender belts but I must say I love the 12 strap suspender belts a lot. Especially when worn by a very hot busty secretary at her desk, like this very hot busty secretary.

“Well what would I want you to wear; that’s probably the easiest part, I suppose. Just simple elegance, short black skirt, nice tight white thong, a slightly too tight bra, and an even tighter shirt (buttoned tantalisingly high). Of course this black 12 strap suspender belt is a must. From that rather alluring starting point, I fear I’d have to be rather dull and just want to fuck you rather voraciously. And obviously the thought of eating you out whilst you try to remain your composure on the ‘phone to a client in the office is rather an attractive one.

I’ll lower you down on your desk and push up your short skirt and pull down your underwear. You’ll open your legs wide and I’ll kneel down and gently kiss the inside of each of your thighs, slowly moving closer and closer to your wet pussy. I’ll softly lick around your clit, you’ll feel my breath as I kiss and tongue and suck your labia. I feel your legs begin to tense up as you get more and more excited, and I begin to dart my tongue in and out of your pussy, tasting your juices. I move in closer and cover your pussy with my mouth, my tongue diving deep inside now, feeling you getting wetter and wetter. I suck hard, and your thighs begin to close around my head, and you reach down and push me hard against you. I lick inside you and around your clit, feeling you coming closer and closer to climax. I quicken and hear you moan, keep my tongue inside you and my mouth open as you shudder and cum.

Then I start tonguing your clit again, barely giving you time to savour your orgasm, and push one finger inside, feeling the heat and moist tightness. I use two fingers now, slowly pushing in and pulling out, teasing you. I then use three and four fingers to fuck you, getting harder and faster while you begin to tense up, readying for another climax. I lay a hand on your stomach, lick your clit harder and frenziedly finger-fuck you. You cum again, moaning louder, tensing your legs and curling your toes.

Now I turn you over on your front. I pull open your legs and lick your pussy from behind as you lie on the bed. I start at your clit and lick up to your tight ass, my tongue lingering, slowing circling around, gently probing and sucking. My finger, still wet, slowly eases into your ass, a little way at first, then slowly and gently deeper. When you’re relaxed I work open your ass and dive my tongue in and out, while rubbing your clit and fingering your dripping pussy. As I rub harder and tongue deep and long I feel your ass begin to squeeze as you get ready to cum again. I push my tongue into swollen pussy, rubbing your clit. You moan louder and louder, then gasp as the climax rushes through you once more. Your body trembles for some time after as I lick gently at the cum from your pussy.” For more secretaries and secretary sex take a look at the secretary blog secretary sex


Secretary Leggy Lana gets licked out on her desk by her bisexual secretary friend

Friday, October 24th, 2014

Leggy Lana is fucking hot dressed in anything. But dressed in stockings and dressed up as a secretary in her office she looks fucking hot. But when she looks even hotter is when one of the girls in her office gets between her stocking covered legs and licks her wet cunt. Man what I would do to Leggy Lana in her office. I do like to eat pussy and particularly like a girl who doesn’t mind having a cock in her mouth while I’m eating her. Which Leggy Lana certainly doesn’t! Short skirts are very nice but I’m particularly turned on by nipples that show through clothing. I’m not at all particular about the size of your breasts but I do like a big firm pair like Lana has I am very fond of tits as well as stockings, pantyhose and of course secretaries. I like to feel them and hold them especially when taking a secretary doggy style on the office floor.

“I can see your the type of woman who appreciates good foreplay to get her really in the mood so i will give you some full on kissing with tongues and put my hand inside your bra to pinch your nipples which by now are rock hard with excitement and anticipation. Or if you’d rather I will take off you dress and start to kiss you all over working down to your pussy. will you be shaven I wonder? that would make it easier for me to suck your clit and bring you to your 1st orgasm. Then maybe you’d like to start deep throating me just to make sure I’m as stiff as possible for you. how far down will you be able to take me? until your nose touches my pubes? and how long will you be able to hold it down? Then I will take you panties off, spread your long stocking covered legs wide open and gently slide into your wet pussy. slowly at first and then when youre ready I will penetrate to the maximum that I can and then start to fuck you deep and hard until you cum again.”


Busty British Milf Red in the office with her busty bisexual friend

Monday, October 20th, 2014

Red is a fucking hot British milf who has a great unique personal site. Featuring red in stockings and pantyhose, often in the office. Sometimes alone, sometimes getting fucked and sometimes with her bisexual British friends. Like in these exclusive pictures taken from this British MILF’s own personal website. Red is in the office all dressed up in her office suit and black stockings with her equally hot and busty, stocking wearing secretary friend Danica.

“In fact i have done the same thing myself a while back when i was in finance in the city. I stayed late but had a girl over and had her legs sprawled open on the boardroom table, stocking clad heels very sexy and very wet once i had my tongue licking her pussy.

I would like to undress you slowly Red, gently exposing your perky breasts and kiss your nipples to make you moan in ecstatic pleasure. Thereafter I  will gently kiss your lips before moving to your navel. My lips will then gently swirl round your pussy and I will then slowly bring your clitoris into full erection. All along this you will be begging for more pleasure. You then nervously  tug at my clothes and start to undress me and probe for my already hard and erect penis.

If we get together, on the nights that I own you these are the rules:

1. no panties - ever - you will demonstrate this upon my arrival each time
2. you will insert and wear a butt plug before I arrive - which you will display for me upon my arrival each time
3. you will not greet me verbally when I arrive, but
4. after your inspection, you will expose your nipples to which I will attach clamps of my choice
5. this done, you will kneel before me, take out my cock and suck me until I am satisfied”


British secretary in a pencil skirt strips down to her tanned fully fashioned stockings

Sunday, October 12th, 2014

“First, I’d want the action to begin before I even arrive for the evening; I would have already outfitted you with a remote-controlled vibrator that you would be required to insert just after checking in for the night at work. The one I have in mind is activated by a mobile telephone call, and at some point I would ring you up - perhaps keeping you on the line as I am walking toward your building, so you would be in a state of intense arousal by the time you laid eyes on me again.

Once we’re in your office, without even so much as a by-your-leave, I’d hoist you up onto your desk, greet you with a long, silent, mouth-probing kiss, place my hand on your chest and then gently but firmly guide you down onto your back, making sure your hands gripped each side of the desk. I would then hike up the short skirt you mentioned you like to wear - I quite like the sound of that - and part your legs. You should wear silk or cotton panties in neutral or dark colours, nothing garish, which I would peel off your shapely thighs and slide down your legs just about to mid-calf, where they would remain: your stocking covered legs, in midair, would thus be softly fettered by the fabric.

Now I would inspect my handiwork; I would expect you to be moist after our telephone call, and expect to be able to inhale your aroma immediately. I would then slip my head through your legs, and as you rest them on my shoulders I would delve into your pussy with all the fierce craving stored up since our last meeting. I would suck, lick, tease, nibble and eat you, the desk underneath absorbing the pool of your desire.

Your hands stay gripping the sides of the desk all the while.

You will come - I will make you come. Then, my cock at full, bullish attention, I would stand, fling the panties away and rip your shirt open. (It should be a nondescript, plain white businesslike shirt - you will have a ready supply of identical ones, or be very good with a needle and thread for sewing the buttons back on each time.) You would be wearing a lace basque, and I would lower the top of it to get at your breasts, drinking them in with my palms and lips. A pause, as I strip off my clothes; you will have prepared a condom, which you can now roll to one side and use your hands to unroll onto my ardent prick. Once you’ve done that, I would hoist you up again, kiss you and fondle you, then turn you around and bend you over your own desk.

We would fuck like that for a while, your arms spread, your hands holding onto the end the desk for dear life as you took the full brunt of my single-minded pumping - first adagio, then andante, then allegro appassionato … until I came.

Then - some caressing, some massaging, some teasing, until we are ready to go again. This time you come off the desk, and kneel in front of me, taking my slowly reawakening cock in your mouthfor a second load of cum.”

See what my wife has been wearing in the office all day

Friday, October 10th, 2014

dirty uk wives decide to put this site together to exhibit you along with the entire world just what true UK inexperienced porno is really like. British folks love their own recreational porn, real wives plus friends becoming fucked by the husbands plus boyfriends, then publishing his or her homemade newbie pornos movies at web pages such as this. For me the UK create the very best amateur porn, it truly is generally 100% raw, absolutely no nice material, nothing staged or acted out. Only real people creating pornography for enjoyment and filming each second. They also have quite a few genuine British chavs. All excellent fun of True Uk recreational porn!! Like this wife home from the office.


Sexy blonde secretary teases her way out of the satin blouse and knee length skirt to show us her pantyhose and panties

Thursday, October 2nd, 2014

If you like a good office up skirt you will love these pictures. If you like pantyhose or panties in the office you will love these pictures. If you just like sexy blonde secretaries bending over their desks then you will love these pictures. In fact you are going to find it very hard not to like these pictures. Because this secretary is very fucking hot.  Especially when she is bent over her desk showing us her perfect ass inside these pantyhose and panties. This stunning new secretary from Only secretaries is proof that with the right secretary, you can never do any work again! But this secretary is more than just pantyhose and panties. Stripped of on her desk we also get to see what fantastic perky firm breasts she has under that blouse. But what I really love is the split up the back of this secretaries pencil skirt. You can just get a glimpse of her pantyhose and blue panties. A really great shot for fans of office up skirts.

I would do much more to this pantyhose teasing secretary though. I work in the city, so regularly have to do long hours and a bit of evening fun could be exciting

“You’d be wearing tights, heels, short skirt with a little slit running up your thigh, and a blouse with the top buttons open, showing just a naughty bit of cleavage and your lace bra

you meet me in the lobby downstairs and we step into the lift, as the doors shut, i turn and push you up against the wall, kissing you, one hand running up your body, along your neck and then grabbing your hair at the base of your neck as i kiss your neck, my other hand running down your body, cupping your breasts then sliding down between your legs… hand is moving up your thigh as the doors open as you step out….

once in your office you lead me into a room with a big table, i pull you in close then push you down to your knees….you rub my cock through my pants, before unzipping me and taking out my big thick hard cock in your hand….you run your tongue along the length of my shaft, kissing and teasing my balls…then you take the whole length of my cock right down your throat…..

i lift you up to your feet, and put you on your back on the table, i spread your legs wide, and rip open your tights and kiss your upper thighs…..i can see the wet patch on your knickers so i start licking you through them before i decide i just have to taste you properly and pull them to the side, as my tongue runs over your clit, i slide 1, then 2 fingers inside you wet willing pussy, you moan in pleasure, you taste so good i just keep licking and sucking on your clit, putting it in my mouth, i keep going as your breathing gets heavier and heavier, my tongue going faster and faster and my fingers still going inside your pussy till i feel you cum all over them…..

while your still glowing from your orgasm, i pull you towards me and off the table, bend you over and spread your legs….i rip your tights further and slide my cock inside you, i start fucking you hard as your wet pussy just lets my cock glide in as it grips around my shaft, my balls bouncing off your clit as im pounding into you….i reach forward and grab your hair with one hand and your shoulders with the other, pulling u into me and forcing my cock deeper inside you

as i feel the cum build up inside my cock, i pull out and turn you around and back on your knees, my cock explodes with pleasure, cumming all over your face and tits….you grabbing my cock and licking it clean, tasting my cum….

sound like something you’d enjoy?”


sexy only tease escretary shows a sexy strip in her work place.

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

This website is just not simply containing attractive prick teases, it’s also full of sexy porn which includes nylons, tights, underwear as well as sexy outfits & there is a lot of this content! This archive goes to 2001 and currently you will find at the least 3 to five updates each day. The actual web site promises this many. I think everybody likes finding fresh women everyday, or at least familiar girls in innovative pics along with movies, on any visit.

Filled with sexy soft pictures and also movies, only tease is really a extraordinary site for being teased. The models will be fun and also sexy plus the videos plus photos are usually often classy. only tease highlights stockings, hose, lingerie plus costume fetishes, even though it seems as if quite a few ladies go partially nude and bare as well, nonetheless once again this material is considerably more erotic than very revealing. only tease can be extremely soft, nevertheless the nice thing is that when tease is definitely all a person would like, then generally there appears much less destinations to get much of this than only tease. This girl out of only tease ry shows a sexy strip in her work place.


MILF secretary who loves stockings looking for cock

Sunday, August 31st, 2014

This MILF Date is in the office today and has dressed up in both stockings . Grey stockings, but with no garter belt. I love these up skirts that you get from this milf between her stocking covered legs. You can see up this milf secretaries skirt and her pantyhose covered pussy. You can just see how this milf secretary has shaved her pussy. With a little line of hair up the middle of her cunt. I love seeing milf secretaries in both pantyhose and stockings, and when they have pantyhose without panties it really is perfect. But whats even better is combining the stockings and knowing that not only are our MILF Date’s looking good they are also actively seeking some cock. If you want to browse, chat and meet real MILF Dates  you can join our site now for free


St Mackenzie headmistress in the office

Friday, August 29th, 2014

Although this lady is in the office, she is in the office at the school where she is headmistress. Now as you can obviously see from these pictures of this super hot headmistress, she is not like your normal headmistress, but then St Mackenzies is not like your normal school. St Mackenzies only has the hottest ladies and young women. From hot college girls dressed in slutty school uniforms, nurses and of course very sexy teachers. I thought it was about time I showed you this great uniform and lingerie site and let you into this very sexy and very special Headmistress office. Watch this headmistress stripping off her figure hugging pencil skirt and cute baby pink lingerie leaving me completely naked while she rolls around on her big, old oak office desk while getting naked.


Pin Up Wow secretary stripping out of her stockings and sexy lingerie

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

A girlie girl has been all of the trend when i was younger. Most of these adult females had been wonderful, sexy plus employed their own body to help tease gentlemen on their own snap shots and also cards. Currently, with the artificial boobs and also down and dirty porn, the actual girlie has sadly, dropped from the wayside. pinupwow, on the other hand, understands that there is a market around for this classic style and that is who the following web site is designed for.

pinupwow is incredibly vibrant and also works into the stereotype wonderfully. pinupwow is known for a several naughty United kingdom girls that comprise of the majority of the actual material. Which just about all take up many 50’s hair styles and also outfits within these wonderful pictures.

Similar to classic girlies, the actual subject material below can be softcore along with merely consists of boob and also rear end nudity (and usually there are some damn very good tits and buttocks with these types of young ladies). The quality of the four hundred photography galleries is incredibly fine plus every collection can be downloadable in the high resolution file format. There are also 400 movies available for down load and brand new ones are available in HD Windows Media file.

With these images pinupwow lady stripping out of her stockings and sexy lingerie.



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