Lady Sonia spanks her secretary through her pantyhose


Lady Sonia I feel as though as though I haven’t been punished enough. I once met a beautiful girl from Scotland who tried me properly for my crimes. She’d handcuff me and force a confession as I kissed her feet and begged for forgiveness. She made me realize the suffering I’d caused as she whipped me and denounced me. I’d […]

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Bitch British boss Anna puts her stocking wearing secretary over the knee to give her a good spanking


I love seeing secretaries get spanked. I loved the film secretary with Maggie Gyllenhaal where she plays a submissive secretary in the office. Especially the scene where he gives her a good spanking for making typo’s, he pulls down her pantyhose and spanks her over the desk. He also spanks her long and hard through her skirt. See that secretary […]

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