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Lady Sonia spanks her secretary through her pantyhose

Friday, May 8th, 2015

Despite the fact that Lady Sonia’s secretary knew that Lady Sonia needed her tape back from editing for next weeks update on her new site. Lady Sonia’s secretary is late bringing back the film that Lady Sonia gave to her to edit last week. So Lady Sonia pulls down this secretaries trousers so she is bent over the desk in nothing but pantyhose. Then Lady Sonia gives her ass a very hard spanking. I also find it very sexy that Lady Sonia has a cuckold husband as it indicates her strength over him. For me there is nothing more attractive than a strict but feminine woman in the prime of her life. Which Lady Sonia certainly is. As you can see from this exclusive Lady Sonia movie. Of course Lady Sonia’s personal website isn’t all about the office or secretaries. But this mega site has some of the best hardcore and fetish porn online. See the full length Lady Sonia movie at Lady Sonia’s new site, Punishment Bitch

“Lady Sonia I feel as though as though I haven’t been punished enough. I once met a beautiful girl from Scotland who tried me properly for my crimes. She’d handcuff me and force a confession as I kissed her feet and begged for forgiveness. She made me realise the suffering I’d caused as she whipped me and denounced me. I’d give my case and accept whatever punishment she thought was appropriate. Though I was obsinate I’d be made to atone. She has since gone away. I’m left to my own devices. I’ve reoffended I’ve gotten away with it. But I’m left with the guilt. It’s important to me to share that shame and find someone to help me back on to the stright and narrow. I grew up in a household with an alcoholic mother and an errant father. I’ve been without a strong authoritarian figure, grown with a lack of discipline, with little respect for others. I fear God and his judgement. I want atonement. I’m looking for someone with courage and strength to help me realise my mistakes and to keep me in line, to prevent me from straying again. I may not be able to promise good behaviour, but I can promise a desire to make amends, by any means neccessary. I hope you’ll grant me a fair hearing.”

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Bitch British boss Anna puts her stocking wearing secretary over the knee to give her a good spanking

Sunday, April 26th, 2015

I love seeing secretaries get spanked. I loved the film secretary with Maggie Gyllenhaal where she plays a submissive secretary in the office. Especially the scene where he gives her a good spanking for making typo’s, he pulls down her pantyhose and spanks her over the desk. He also spanks her long and hard through her skirt. See that secretary clip here at you tube. But I would have loved the whole movie to have been a little bit more explicit. That is where this movie from Suburban sluts comes in. Watch as this milf boss spanks her secretaries ass hard through her black nylons and white petticoat and panties. Nobody does spanking fetish porn as well as the British and none does Nylon fetish porn like the British. So we are very lucky here to have both fetishes combined in the office. Another great exclusive movie from the guys at suburban sluts.

“I am fully aware that my purpose during my visit will be solely for your pleasure. One foot in the wrong place and I would be disciplined in whatever way you deemed fit. This could be anything from cleaning your shoes, dressing up, being forced to do things in compromising positions, licking clean your panties, to taking it very hard from you.” Watch the full length movie here

Dominant office executive beats an office worker and fucks him in the ass.

Tuesday, February 17th, 2015

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