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Lots of secretaries getting fucked at work in the office

Friday, December 19th, 2014

This is a great secretary compilation video from the slutty secretaries at lusty office. Where the secretaries are all filthy fucking whores who love to get fucked at work. I am in many ways something of a traditionalist, so patent leather stiletto’s, a tight black pencil skirt that clings to your body, with a short split at the side. White blouse, smokey Grey hold up stockings, with seams. I like women dressed up like that fucking in the office. So I love lusty office. I love secretaries and love to fuck them at work. This is the perfect scenario for me with any of these secretaries in the lusty office.

“What will I do with you? Well, assuming you work in an office block, firstly i will want to explore you in the lift. I will want to take you to your desk and slowly undress you, laying you on your back, lifting your legs high in the air, while I use my mouth to devour your sex. By the way, I am orally fixated. After one or maybe two oral orgasms i Will want to penetrate you. We will move one of the office chairs to a window, I will sit back and you will ease yourself down onto me. Your legs will be spread wide apart, wanton and available. My hands will reach around to caress your breasts. Your fingers will caress your clitoris, while I bite your shoulders and neck until you come once again. You will then kneel at my feet while I masturbate, showering your face and breasts with warm sticky ejaculate.”

Michelle in her office in boots and nylons

Saturday, December 13th, 2014

This MILF can be a mature, sexy, British married M.I.L.F who retired to Spain, who loves to show off in stockings & sexy lingerie. This MILF’s man likes to view this British wife getting seen in stockings and they also have an excellent time shooting hot photos along with films in all different types of locations. Nothing excites them more than if somebody see’s this wife in compromising situations. So in case you are around Spain on holiday, look out for this milf.


If you like more than just secretaries then take a look at this uniform blog

Thursday, December 11th, 2014

Uniform Women site is dedicated to ladies in sexy uniforms. From sexy secretaries to naughty nurses. All the ladies have one thing in common, they are all sexy and all in uniform. Like this sexy secretary. If you want more uniform porn then visit uniform women here

“I would love to meet you in my office, you in short black mini skirt and starched white blouse. i rip the blouse off you and see your breasts encased in a black lacy bra….i hungrily devour your titties with my mouth and rub my erect cock against you. you pull my boxers off and suck my shaft , paying particular attention to my shiny bell end. you turn round and beg me to fuck you from behind which i do….soon pulling out to spray my thick creamy cum all over your tits and pussy

When you are getting dressed in the morning, rolling the stockings up your legs, clipping them onto the belt, pulling up some lacy knickers, and hiding all of that under a short tight skirt, do you find yourself getting turned on thinking about someone other than your husband sliding their hand between your thighs?

What if you’ve been flirting with someone at work, perhaps you’ve unbuttoned your blouse one button too low, leaning over their desk, knowing they aren’t looking at the paperwork you’ve brought them, but are starting at your cleavage and your tits, encased in a lacy sexy bra? I bet you want to feel their hands on you, perhaps being taken by surprise, from behind, someone’s hands pulling you back against them, hands sliding up your silky sheer blouse, hands caressing and fondling your tits through your clothing, the feel of someone kissing your neck, nibbling, moving up to your ear, kissing, teasing, whispering to tell you how hard you’ve made them, how they have to have you…. Feeling them pulling up your tight skirt, pushing you forward over their desk, the sound of a zip being pulled down, then something warm and hard pressing against your soft flesh, your hand reaching back between your legs, pulling the crotch of your knickers to onside, perhaps a lacy thong, and then feeling them penetrating you, taking you there, quick hard and dirty…. illicit encounter over lunch time, feeding you with what you’ve been craving far too long?”


This blond secretary looking amazing in mini dress and high heels.

Sunday, December 7th, 2014

This is another amazing secretary from the only secretaries site. No surprise their as all the secretaries they have are very fucking hot. Not sluts though as this site is all about glamorous secretaries teasing guys in the office. But Stevie looking amazing in mini dress and high heels. What would I love to do to her I hear you ask.

“There is a problem with your computer at the office, seems like there is no internet connection or something like that, you have to call me for help. I show up at your office looking smart, you sitting on your chair. You looking very sexy your legs are crossed. I can see a bit that you wearing stockings, I start to get turned on. You are fixing your hair as you slowly check me out, I ask you how can i help, you tell me the problem as you slowly stand up from your chair and let me sit down.

Before you know it I will be squeezing your tits. You will suck my cock and take it deep in your mouth. You will stand up and bend over so I can finger and lick your wet juicy holes licking up your wonderful juices till you are moaning. You will kneel and suck all the spunk from my cock and drink it. I will then fuck your wet cunt and leave you in a pool of your own cum. You will then hold your tits together and i will fuck them sliding my cock into your wet mouth. You will bend and get your ass fucked hard, till it hurts, all your holes will be filled. You will finger yourself and suck my cum.


Dominant secretary in the office teasing you with her stockings and panties

Friday, December 5th, 2014

Watch dominant boss sabrina at work. “Do you have a smallish dick nonetheless might still care precisely what it can be like to always be humiliated in the office by the incredibly bitchy employer dressed in a very small skirt, ff nylons, high heels and also marginally see through dark knickers? Well this is for you. If you want to be teased and also laughed at in that case now is the moment to get the penis out. Watch as I speak about just how tiny your cock is along with just how big I favor cocks. A lot of cleavage with this flick therefore you are able to see just what its like once i tease adult men using my chest as well as my legs and knickers? Vulnerable adult men who just like to admire women of all ages with out touching plus being ridiculed should get their own cock out there because I am going to tease and humiliate you today. In addition you get to get in your knees & place your own face between my own hips and legs and now have a good large sniff of my own wet knickers? Are you wanting this? “.

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Secretary in glasses from suburban amateurs takes off her short dress to reveal her stockings and give herself a good fingering.

Monday, December 1st, 2014

This is a must see film for anyone who loves secretaries, stockings or panties. Because not only is this young hot secretary in glasses wearing a pair of hold up stockings while she is masturbating on the floor. She does lots of panty play. Rubbing herself in her panties and then smelling and tasting her wet panties.

“What you wear as your usual attire is perfect, the short tight dress, the stocking and the panties that you can just push to the side to get access (I have a thing about women keeping their underwear on all night). Once you have let me into your office, you would sit me down on a chair facing your desk at an angle, you being a bit of tease tell me you just have to finish up a couple of things and sit down behind your desk pretending to tap away at your computer and make a call, whilst your doing this you start to discretely play with yourself starting firstly with you breasts before exposing your little panties to me as you push your skirt up just a little bit. I get up off my chair and move towards the desk to touch you but you tell me i cant touch just yet but you sit me on your desk so I’m just a bout a foot away from you. You continue to play with your pussy in between your stocking covered legs then start to stroke my cock gently with your other hand. You soon move your chair right up to the desk so your face is by my crotch and you undo my trousers and start cheekily kissing and licking my balls, you end up giving me a nice slow blowjob with plenty of spit, taking all my whole 8′5inches down your throat until I eventually cum in your mouth. We soon change positions with you on the desk an me on the chair with my face between your nylon legs in your pussy, a combination of my tongue and my middle finger get slowly get you to the point or orgasm. You see that my cock is hard again and you stand up still wearing your short skirt, your bra panties and stockings. You turn so you have you back to me and roll up your skirt so it just above your arse. You bend your self over so your arse is practically in my face and the then rubbing it on my lap, I make sure i get my condom on and move your panties to one side to expose your cunt and then you slowly sit down. You stay bent over for a while just pushing slowly up and down on my dick. When you twist around to face me I lift you up and lay you on the desk. I start fucking you slowly at first whilst gently rubbing your clit, as I start to feel you orgasming again I start to push it in deeper in your cunt and a little faster. My hope is that you cum first and I get to finish in your mouth again.” Watch the full length movie here

Hardcore bisexual secretary video with fingers, tongues and dildos as British Secretary Anna test drives the new secretary in the office.

Saturday, November 29th, 2014

Do you like to watch slutty bisexual slutty secretaries in the office fingering each others cunts and licking each others cunts clean out? I do. It is almost my most favourite pastimes. So I love this new suburban slut secretary movie because it features these two very dirty British bisexual secretaries in the office fucking on the desk. I would fuck either of these secretaries if offered. Though I am partial to milf secretaries I must say I do like this young secretary in black stockings.

” As I knocked on the office door I’d be worried about someone else catching us. As you answer open the door a smile would play across my face as my eyes wander over your body, mentally undressing you from your tight business clothing. Like a good little slut you bend over the desk so that I can admire your ass and the skirt stretched tight over it. As I run my hands over your butt you whisper “fuck me anyway you want” and your legs part slightly. I would slowly pull up your skirt to reveal your black stockings and thong. Already you’re squirming on the desk as I slowly pull your panties down. I would spend a few moments just admiring your ass before I lean forward to kiss both cheeks and then my Tongue snakes towards your asshole and pussy. After tasting both holes you turn around and beg me to fuck your ass while you pull your cheeks apart. I grab hold of your hips before I slowly enter your ass. You’re such a slut that you push back onto my dick and force my cock right up your ass. After I come I’d like you to suck my cock clean.” Watch the full length movie here

Secretary Linsey dawn McKenzie in the office masturbating on her desk

Thursday, November 27th, 2014

In case you don’t understand yet who linsey is, you’re set for a real treat. this pornstar is a English glamour model and also porn star that The Sunday Sport rag showcased on a regular basis throughout linsey Dawns career together with Page three appearances in both The Sun plus The Daily Star and also features for lads mags for instance Loaded. this busty tart is known for her enormous tits, which was once 36HH and are now 36E. Due to this British models big natural breasts this British model evolved into a star model around her teens as soon as The Sunday Sport newspaper did a countdown to this big titted slappers huge first nude apperance that was exposed to the nation on her birthday. this pornstar journeyed on to star in soft pornography films plus exposed photoshoots for gents magazines and this big titted slapper evolved into a huge success. linsey dawn is absolutely identified for fucking a lot of celebrities in addition to soap stars as well as footballers. You are able to learn all about this glamour model in the tabloid newspaper publishers. Although should you would like to check out this big boob slut fucking on film, then you definitely should take a look at her special adult website. Where you get to check out this British model being filthy fucking herself as well as shagging adult males along with playing with girls. For instance in this film where we view this busty tart in the office masturbating on her desk


This slutty secretary who has on a skirt that is way to short is changing her panties while sitting at her desk at work

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

A great movie if you love stockings and up skirts. Because this secretary changing her panties at work. This slutty secretary Sabrina who has on a skirt that is way to short is changing her panties while sitting at her desk at work.

“I love to email slutty secretaries like you Sabrina, keeping you constantly distracted and wet at work, playing out each other’s fantasies in the weeks and days leading up to your late shift. The anticipation a thrill in itself as I get on the train into London, calling you at the office to make sure you have dressed exactly as instructed, that your skirt has raised eyebrows from your colleagues and discrete glances looking for another glimpse of lace stocking top as you sit at cross your legs. Your heels as high as you dare and the black lace corset beneath your suit jacket keeping your back straight and breasts lifted and swelling for all eyes at the right angles. My hands sliding slowly up your thighs as you perch on my lap, allowing me to kiss and tease you as I slowly unwrap you before laying you back to lick, nibble and explore your tender pussy with my tongue while you take that call from your client? Or would we give in and kiss passionately while hitching up you skirt, tearing your panties aside spreading your stocking covered legs and just fucking against the office wall.” Watch the full length movie here

This sexy young secretary has on a pair of black ff/stockings and white panties and she loves flashing them at her desk in the office

Friday, November 21st, 2014

This is another very hot secretary from one of the best office glamour sites online. This sexy young secretary has on a pair of black ff/stockings and white panties and like all the hot young slutty secretaries on send your secretary she loves flashing them at her desk in the office.

“I would love to stretch you out on the office chair or desk  you instinctively let your stocking covered legs fall open, allowing me a glimpse of the way you’re slightly spread & shiny between your legs. As I pull your white panties aside I can see your bottom lip has a sheen of spittle as you look down the length of your body to where I stand, slowly breathing in the scent of your moistening sex. You open your legs completely, holding my eyes with confidence, gently tilting your pubis up toward me by way of invitation. I slide my hand up your inner thigh & slowly open your pussy, the sound of your flux already sticky between your labia. I spread you open & see how wet you are inside, noticing how your belly undulates & your chin tilts back every time I flick a finger over your clit which is budding & swelling from beneath the flushed pink of it’s hood.

I could imagine u dressed in a pencil skirt with a White blouse and stilettos. Underneath ud be wearing suspenders.  As I begin kissing u by hands would start hitching up your skirt and as I pick u up with your ass I’d perch u on the table as my fingers work through the gusset of your panties making u wetter as my tongue traces down your neck. I’d take to my knees and run my Tongue over your clit through your panties, pulling your underwear aside my Tongue would run over your clit taking it in between my lips as 2 fingers work their way in and out of your pussy. I’d let my tongue work it’s way round until u came in my mouth. Bending u over the desk you would feel me spreading your ass cheeks wide apart as my cock enters u slowly at first. One hand reaching round to rub your clit as my cock works in and out pushing in deeper harder and faster.” Watch the full length movie here

Pin up wow Leah takes down dictation while wearing black stockings and red heels

Thursday, November 13th, 2014

Lovely new PinUp wow babe Leah, looks so perfect as she arrives to take down dictation. Dressed in this white dress, black stockings and red heels and a little pair of red panties. Then when her naughty eyes see the fan, we soon see that this is not all that the sexy Leah is planning to take down! She is planning to take down all her clothes. Well most of them anyway. Pin up wow is an amazing and unique site for those who love real pin up stunners.

“Leah I would certainly have you dress in the most provocative way possible for when I ventured to your office. Fuck me heels and the tightest thongs (if I allow you tp wear any!). I may even pretend to be that American client who may be calling! I may taunt you for being left in the office all alone to service a client, or get you to type whilst I watch you. Control the anticipation and tease you with sexual passes and brush against you gently from behind. Of course, I may just want you that much with the high heels and short skirt, that I may push you up against the wall, Id turn you around and push up against you and whisper filth in your ears, telling you what Im about to do next. You will see the experience and confidence as I have you sit and spread yours legs for me whilst I watch your chest heave with nerves. Fucking will have a new meaning, and each time you see walk into the office the next day, you’ll have that cheeky smile of knowing what others dont.”


Nylon Jane strips and flashes her panties and stockings in the warehouse

Tuesday, November 11th, 2014

Nylon Jane is one fucking kinky bitch. She will fuck anyone and do anything, men, women, cross dressers the lot on her exclusive and very kinky amateur porn site. One thing though each set of pictures and movie has in common is that Nylon Jane loves to dress up in stockings and pantyhose. Today Jane is flashing us her panties up her skirt and flashing us her stockings. Before she strips off down to her stockings and lingerie.

“My fantasy with Nylon Jane begins after e mail exchanges when I discover your various sizes, in particular shoe! Before meeting you’ll receive a number of secret parcels to insure you’ll be wearing exactly what I want;naturally it would have to be sympathetic to your office environment,which fits in nicely with the next part of our fantasy. I want you to wear a tight blouse, short tight skirt, stockings, black lacy bra and panties and high heels. I would love to bend you over your desk and slide my very big hard cock up you. I would also love you to lie down on top of the desk topless with your skirt pulled up high so I can slide my cock in and and out of your mouth and play with your tits and you put your fingers down your panties and play with your clitoris while you suck me off.”


Amazing Astrid is back home from work strips off her office clothes and spreads her stocking covered legs

Saturday, November 1st, 2014

Spunky specs is a new blog for lovers of secretaries This Stunning mature stocking wearing secretary, I have taken this great post from this office blog for you. Amazing Astrid has just got in from work. All dressed up in her business suit, fully fashioned stockings and high heel shoes. Amazing Astrid is the nets sexiest mature stocking wearing slut I have ever seen. With lots of real uniform porn, including Astrid dressed as a secretary. Though this isn’t just a secretary site it is a fucking amazing site for those of you who love mature women in fully fashioned stockings.

“Amazing Astrid I would come into your office and we could either do a roleplay where I am a client or your boss and we end up fucking or we dont muck around and I come straight in and you go on your knees and begin to suck me off before I turn you around spread your stocking covered legs and take you up your perfect ass over your desk. Or better still. I love to imagine you wearing dark blue business jacket and skirt, very formal looking yet you have the top undone just enough to the top of your bra and a wonderful cleavage. I would sit behind the desk trying to dictate a letter but all the time you would keep leaning forward and I would try to sneak peeks down your top without noticing. You eventually notice me peeking and decide to sit on my lap for the dictation. You tease me by squirming around on my lap andsmile to yourself as you feel my erection growing. You take my hand and place it into your boobs , my hands snake inside the loosened top and caress you through your bra. I can’t take anymore and beg you to strip for me. You stand in front of me, look mr in the eye and slowly remove all your clothing except for your stockings. You then kneel in front of me, gently release my erection and take me into your mouth while I whisper what a good girl you are being.” If you want to see more great office porn then visit spunky specs here


Pantyhose Angel sucking cock in the office while masturbating inside her pantyhose

Thursday, October 30th, 2014

Pantyhose Angel is my favourite pantyhose wearing milf. I usually prefer stockings on my secretaries but I am quite partial to some pantyhose as well. Which is what pantyhose Angel loves to wear. Not all her content is shot in her office. But all her content shows this slutty milf in pantyhose, usually on her own, often with her bisexual pantyhose wearing friends and often sucking cock or getting fucked, of course in pantyhose.

“Pantyhose Angel, if it is OK with you I’ll make a start. If you choose to invite me to you office late, I would ask you to wear a short skirt, with pantyhose but no panties. We would start to chat about work; to identify each other you would look to see my hard cock visible through my jeans and then part your pantyhose covered legs slightly to show me your lovely wet pantyhose covered pussy, already wet with anticipation. To find out what I would do next. I’d love to simply step behind you wrap my arms around you. One arm roaming around your pantyhose covered stomach, pantyhose covered hips, pantyhose covered upper legs and pantyhose covered bum. Another holding you to me, while I kiss your neck and suck your ear lobe. I’d love to watch you finger yourself to orgasm through your pantyhose and then bury my cock in your pussy from behind, feeling the post orgasm tightness. I’d love to make you give me deep throat, swallowing my cum, while I play with your tits and pantyhose covered legs. I’d love to come to your office, order you to remove bra and pantyhose, put on a radio controlled vibrator, and then continue “work” for a while. During this time I’d be “learning the controls” of course. Arriving at you office, and ordering you to strip to check that you are wearing exactly what I asked.”


Busty secretary from Vintage nylons in the office with a 12 strap suspender belt

Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

Another fucking hot vintage nylon wearing secretary. But today this busty secretary has on a great 12 strap suspender belt. I love all vintage and classic suspender belts but I must say I love the 12 strap suspender belts a lot. Especially when worn by a very hot busty secretary at her desk, like this very hot busty secretary.

“Well what would I want you to wear; that’s probably the easiest part, I suppose. Just simple elegance, short black skirt, nice tight white thong, a slightly too tight bra, and an even tighter shirt (buttoned tantalisingly high). Of course this black 12 strap suspender belt is a must. From that rather alluring starting point, I fear I’d have to be rather dull and just want to fuck you rather voraciously. And obviously the thought of eating you out whilst you try to remain your composure on the ‘phone to a client in the office is rather an attractive one.

I’ll lower you down on your desk and push up your short skirt and pull down your underwear. You’ll open your legs wide and I’ll kneel down and gently kiss the inside of each of your thighs, slowly moving closer and closer to your wet pussy. I’ll softly lick around your clit, you’ll feel my breath as I kiss and tongue and suck your labia. I feel your legs begin to tense up as you get more and more excited, and I begin to dart my tongue in and out of your pussy, tasting your juices. I move in closer and cover your pussy with my mouth, my tongue diving deep inside now, feeling you getting wetter and wetter. I suck hard, and your thighs begin to close around my head, and you reach down and push me hard against you. I lick inside you and around your clit, feeling you coming closer and closer to climax. I quicken and hear you moan, keep my tongue inside you and my mouth open as you shudder and cum.

Then I start tonguing your clit again, barely giving you time to savour your orgasm, and push one finger inside, feeling the heat and moist tightness. I use two fingers now, slowly pushing in and pulling out, teasing you. I then use three and four fingers to fuck you, getting harder and faster while you begin to tense up, readying for another climax. I lay a hand on your stomach, lick your clit harder and frenziedly finger-fuck you. You cum again, moaning louder, tensing your legs and curling your toes.

Now I turn you over on your front. I pull open your legs and lick your pussy from behind as you lie on the bed. I start at your clit and lick up to your tight ass, my tongue lingering, slowing circling around, gently probing and sucking. My finger, still wet, slowly eases into your ass, a little way at first, then slowly and gently deeper. When you’re relaxed I work open your ass and dive my tongue in and out, while rubbing your clit and fingering your dripping pussy. As I rub harder and tongue deep and long I feel your ass begin to squeeze as you get ready to cum again. I push my tongue into swollen pussy, rubbing your clit. You moan louder and louder, then gasp as the climax rushes through you once more. Your body trembles for some time after as I lick gently at the cum from your pussy.” For more secretaries and secretary sex take a look at the secretary blog secretary sex



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