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Pantyhose fetish blog for pantyhose lovers

Monday, January 26th, 2015

Pantyhose fetish blog is for anyone who loves pantyhose or has a real pantyhose fetish. it isnt just secretaries they have in pantyhose, they have lots of hot women, from housewives in pantyhose to schoolgirls in pantyhose. This pantyhose post was taken from pantyhose fetish blog. If you want more pantyhose fetish porn then check out this great site here.

“The thought of you turning up at my office in your tight blouse, short skirt and high heels is a real turn on. As you walk in up to my desk i notice your skirt is so short it does not go below my desk top, revealing the patterned top of your pantyhose.your breasts are pert and desperate to be released from that very tight top.

my cock is hard already, you notice and stroke it with your hand, your hand shaking, i can tell you are nervous, you haven’t felt something so hot n hard for a long tome and just yank my trousers down in desperation and start to stroke it all over, i rip your blouse open, your breasts fall out, i suck and bite your nipples, making them hard whilst you still have my hard length in your hand, which is now juicy at the tip n making your hand wet.

I whisper in your ear, imagine it, imagine it deep inside you. I thrust your legs open, hitch your skirt up, you have a white pair of knickers on, i feel, you are soaking wet, just the thought of what i may do to you has made you really hot n wet.”


dominant office bitch in stockings humiliates men with small cocks

Thursday, January 22nd, 2015

There is something here for anyone, for any of you who like to be humiliated about how exactly little your own dick is, subsequently this is certainly for you. Nevertheless in the event you merely enjoy seeing the bitchy office slut in the office at her table ramming herself using a huge black dildo in that case this is certainly for you.

sabrina states “Watch while I push my underwear down and spread my stocking covered legs. You are free to see me spread nice and wide while ramming this huge dark cock into my personal soaked shaved pussy. You can see just how big dark-colored penises tends to make myself. ”

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secretary in pantyhose spreading her legs on the desk in her office shows she has no panties on

Tuesday, January 20th, 2015

This slutty young British secretary has on a very short skirt on and loves to flash the guys in the office her pantyhose. Especially when, like today, she has no panties on. I bet all the guys in the office love to look up this secretaries skirt as she flashes them. Trying to work out if she is wearing panties or not. I would like that, would you? Looking up this young secretaries skirt to see if she has any panties on. But we can safely say that this secretary doesn’t have any panties on under her pantyhose as she strips of naked on her desk and spreads her legs and ass cheeks.

“well if your as horny as you say you are, your about as horny as i am,  then we’d have to start straight away. As soon as the door is shut, i’d slip my hand under your skirt, and down inside your pantyhose and start then  to play with your wet pussy, teasing and slipping a finger or two into you. Then i’d drop to my knees, and as you spread your legs i’d slowly run my tongue up your thigh. I’d run it all across now wet and slippery pussy, teasing your clit as i go. Then i’d start to suck and flick at your clit, turning you on more and more. I’d stay down on you til you came, then i’d take you off to the stoor cupboard to pull down your pantyhose and fuck you,”


Pantyhose Angel in pantyhose and no panty office up skirt

Sunday, January 18th, 2015

Pantyhose angel has forgotten her panties today and has arrived at work with nothing but her pantyhose on. Lucky for us this slutty pantyhose wearing milf needs to relieve herself, so she masturbates through her stockings. Watch as this secretary pushes her pantyhose into her wet cunt.

” I’d arrive at your office  pre-scheduled time with a bottle of champagne and a pair of dice. While drinking the champagne we’ll use the dice to play “fuck or get fucked”… its a simple game which begins like strip poker - each of us removing clothes on the roll of the dice, and then moves onto more interesting forfeits. So whether I get to spread your pantyhose covered thighs wide on your desk and eat your pussy with long licks, or whether you get to take the whole of my thick cock deep in your mouth, its all in the roll of the dice.

We could spend the next few days, in the run-up to our meeting, deciding what the rules are and what the forfeits are… either way, one of us will fuck and the other will get fucked in the end…! The game doesn’t end either… so even after rigorous foreplay and long sessions of deep hard fucking, while standing, me holding you by the thighs, with your ass pressed to the wall - or bent over your desk with me drilling you hard from behind with your pantyhose pulled down around your knees”


Accountant and Bedfordshire Blonde Sandy masturbates at her desk

Wednesday, January 14th, 2015

I love this pleated skirt that this British milf Sandy is wearing. It looks so sexy when she is bent over her desk. You can just make out the black f/f stockings that she is wearing with the black seem running down the back. But this hot milf goes a lot further and it isn’t long before she is stripped down naked to her black f/f stockings and red and black garter belt, while she fucks herself with a dildo on the desk.

“Passion let me in to your office, you wearing a satiny blouse that clings to your shoulders, sides and breasts. I can see that you’ve been thinking about our liaison because you’re nipples are erect and showing through the shiny material. You’ve got on a short dark skirt that shows the shape of your bottom to perfection as you walk on high heeled shoes. As I walk behind you I admire your legs which are clad in what I can only hope are stockings. I’m already getting hard as you stop at your desk and turn around to face me, allowing me to approach you properly for the first time. I slip my hand around your waist and pull you in for a long French kiss. My hands start to move over your body, one brushes your breast and the other moves down to cup a buttock. I have to know if your wearing stockings, so the other hand joins it and together they slowly pull up the hem of your skirt and caress your thighs underneath. I can feel bare skin and silently exhale that you’re wearing stockings, they’re far sexier than tights. I pull up your skirt a little more and sit you on your desk. My lips move down and I start to kiss your neck and unbutton your blouse; your hand has gone to my crotch and you begin to rub my cock through my trousers, it gets fully erect and you hear me moan with pleasure. I reach around to unclip your bra, I’ve been wanting to see your breasts since the moment I walked in. You undo my shirt as your breasts are freed, and you start on my belt as my head dips and my lips find your hard nipples. You moan as I suck on you and you reach into my pants a start to slowly wank me. You have to let go though as I sink to my knees between your wonderful stocking clad legs and slide your panties off. I can see and smell how wet you are and I just have to taste you. I move my head in, kissing your thighs as I go. I lick the slit of your pussy and feel you shudder. A few more full licks to really enjoy your taste and I move to your clit. I suck it and brush it with my Tongue until I can hear you start to groan. Then I take a finger and push it inside you, it’s soon joined by a second and as I suck on your clit I’m finger fucking you. You start to cry out in ecstasy and your excitement turns me on even more. I really want you now, so I get off my knees and raise my self up. I kiss you again, at first you aren’t too sure about the taste of your juices on my lips but you’re soon kissing me enthusiastically. I step out of my trousers and pants and fish into a pocket for a condom which I hand to you. You kneel in front of me and start to suck me, running your mouth up and down the length of my shaft. It feels so good that I have to stop you. I want to fuck you before I cum. You open the condom packet and roll it down my cock before sitting back on your desk and opening your legs for me, your eyes show your hunger. I kiss you again and with your hand you guide my cock to your entrance. I push forward and slide in easily because you’re so wet. It’s tight and warm as I start to pump in and out. I can feel your orgasm building and your cries are going to push me over the edge. I want to cum deep inside you so I increase my pace and depth of my thrusts, which only makes you moan even more. You cry out that you’re cumming and it’s too much, I start to fill the condom with great shots of semen and utter an animal like growl. When we’ve recovered slightly, we kiss again, tongues swirling together. I take the condom off and without being bidden you drop to you knees again and suck me clean of cum.” Watch the full length movie here

Busty British milf secretary in tanned stockings spreads on her desk

Monday, January 12th, 2015

It’s get boring in the office at the end of the day for our busty British secretary in stockings, Jenny, and the boss gives her a chance to get some kicks teasing and more and playing with herself. Overtime could be on the cards for this busty British secretary. Well I would give any of the women at Vintage nylons a bit of over time. But Jenny is one fucking hot secretary who I would give lots of extra work to. Especially if she has been at work all day flashing her panties and stocking tops at her desk.

“I love the fact that you wear stockings and short skirts and have to work late in the office occasionally. The touch of warm, bare flesh at the top of stockings is one of my favourite things, especially when your panties are so wet. I can picture you sitting in your office chair with your short skirt hitched up around your waist, your legs spread wide, and me on my knees in front of you with my face buried between your wet thighs tasting your hot juices, licking them from your bare thighs and slowly kissing your wet pussy. I want you to writhe on your chair as my tongue works on your wet lips and flicks over your clit, sliding in and out of you. You will feel my fingers join my tongue and slide into you, pushing hard and deep as your hips rise to accommodate them then running over your arse. You are bucking faster and faster with my tongue until you cum hard over my face, your back arching out of the chair in desire…. Then I want you to reciprocate, to sit me in your chair, kneel in front of me and feel the outline of my hard cock through my trousers as you slowly unzip my flies. I want to feel your fingers snake inside my trousers and feel the warmth of my hot cock under your touch as you release it and take my shaft between your wet lips and run your tongue over the end, tasting me…. You will feel my fingers run through your hair and my hips rise and fall in time with your rhythmic sucking… I can feel my balls tingling and feel the need to cum hard in your mouth but want to hold back as I know that more is in store”


I love seeing a secretary or anyone else flashing their panties

Saturday, January 10th, 2015

If you do as well, then you will fucking love this panty fetish blog. Panty Fetish Blog is a blog, where all the ladies have one thing in common. They are all wearing panties. From real amateur panty porn, with all the real amateurs doing something different in each panty movie. To celebrities in panties and more. Take a look at these panty pictures and this panty post. If you want more then Visit Panty Fetish blog here

“I can imagine you waiting in my reception area wearing a long coat with subtle but very sexy make up. All that can be seen underneath that warm winter coat are your sheer stockings and those beautiful black heels.

I’d come out and meet you, thanking the receptionist and lead you into my private office. We have to be quick as you only have 90 minutes for your lunch break and have to be back to your office soon. You take off your coat revealing a tight fitted cotton blouse that shows off your beautiful breasts perfectly. Below you are wearing a skirt that is above the knee allowing me easy access to your already wet pussy. You take a seat in my chair and without a word you have my already hard cock out of my pinstripe suit trousers. You take me in your mouth, sucking and kissing it whilst looking up into my eyes enjoying my moans, feeling my whole body tensing up with every motion of your mouth on my 6 inches of beautiful cut cock.

Now its your turn. First I remove your skirt leaving you in your heels and what I know can see are hold up stockings. I remove your lace panties quickly and sit you down again in my chair. My mouth is hungry to taste your pussy I’m licking, kissing and gently nibbling on every part of your hot, wet pussy.

I’m covering my mouth, chin and cheeks with your hot juice deliberately getting it all over my face as I hungrily eat you. I want you to lick it off my face now we are kissing each other. Our body heat has gone soring up as I present my cock for you to take into your throbbing vagina. We kiss passionately as you let me enter you, I’m pulling you onto my cock by holding your arse hard with my right hand whilst I steady myself on the top of the chair with my left. Just a little moan as I begin to gently thrust inside you. I can’t get enough purchase on you sitting down so I lay you gently on my floor and begin to fuck you much harder now. You haven’t been fucked like this for such a long time and you begin to start begging me to give it to you harder. I’m on top of you and the sweat of both our bodies is running into each other. I fix a look in your eyes: “tell me that you love my cock, say it!”. You oblige again and a again telling me that this dirty talk is going to make you cum. Then we explode together, you’re pussy is so hot and you are cumming even harder now that you can feel my cock throbbing and jolting as my hot cum fills you up.”


Secretary Leggy Lana in stockings and glasses and red high heels getting fucked on the desk in her office

Thursday, January 8th, 2015

Leggy Lana loves to get fucked on her desk in the office. That is why she dresses in stockings and high heels every day, with very short skirts to catch the other men in the office attention. Thats certainly what she gets. She gets more than just attention, she often gets some nice big cock in the office.

“As you buzz me in i would shoot a cheeky wink to the security guard and head up to your office. When i lay eyes on you i see you are wearing black stockings, killer heels and a tiny skirt that only just hangs over the edge of your firm tight ass. i take a long gaze, staring from your tits right down to your heels and back up again, admiring every inch of your legs.

We share a passionate kiss, but its short, we both know we need much more than that. without a word you sit on the edge of your desk and cross your legs, giving me a glimpse of your tiny, lacy underwear. i gently reach into your skirt and slide them down before burying my face into your pussy. your legs rest over my shoulders and your hands pull at my hair as i fuck you with my tongue. i use your moans to guide me, paying attention to every last bit of skin as i lick you, reaching my hands round, pulling myself closer into you, my fingers tracing all over your firm ass as i feel you cum in my mouth. You lay back on the desk, begging me to fuck you with your eyes. As i enter you slowly i run my fingers through your hair before unbuttoning your blouse to get my first glimpse of your breasts. i pay attention to them as i work my way inside you, massaging them through your bra. I slowly fuck you as you writhe on the desk, flicking your head from side to side in ecstacy as i slide inside, thumbing your clit as a fuck you.

You sit up and wrap your gorgeous legs around me, your tights feel so sexy as they rub against my ass, you use them to pull me in so you can kiss me. I run my hands all over them as i screw you gently. You lean forward and whisper into my ear. “harder”. I dont need telling twice. I grab your hips and fuck you, fast and hard. my balls smash into your ass as i stroke deeper and deeper inside you, I lean in and kiss you hard, my hands crazily running all over you, not knowing where to rest.


Busty milf red head secretary Red sucking her bosses cock

Sunday, January 4th, 2015

Busty milf secretary Red has worn a suit jacket that is way to tight for her huge breasts and they are poking out of the top. So her boss can see the top of her breasts, which is exactly what Red wants. She also has on a skirt that is way to short and so he can also see her stocking tops and panties and that is also what this busty British milf wants. Because she wants her bosses cock.

“Red I walk in to your office and you know its me because i’m wearing a pink tie as we planned. Your phone rings and its your husband.You politely answer it and at the same time you undo the top button of your blouse to reveal your cleavage. I look into your eyes as you speak to him telling him how hectic work is and that you cant talk long. The look in your eyes tell me that you are dripping like a beehive during a heat wave. You stand up from your chair and the sticky mess on the seat confirms my suspicions. I also see your pants have caught around the heel of your shoe when you took them off earlier anticipating my arrival!! I am aching to get my hands on you and inside of you so embrace you from behind and slip on hand into your min skirt and one hand toward your urgent nipples. You gasp pleasantly but your husband doesn’t really notice as the kids are making too much noise. You say good bye and hang up and you reach behind your back and try to get a grip on my throbbing man shaft…I have have saved my load for days so that when I cum it will be explosive! Its all for YOU”

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Two bisexual secretaries in stockings licking each other out in the office

Friday, January 2nd, 2015

Angels in stockings is a stockings blog that has nothing but the hottest angels in stockings. I do love to see slutty secretaries at work licking each other out on the desk. Especially when both the slutty secretaries are wearing stockings like these two slutty secretaries are. i would have an office affair with either of these two sluts. Especially the young blond secretary in the black dress and black stockings in these office affair pictures.

“I’m glad you have great legs and favour stockings and high heels, as this is a major attraction for me. You sound like a tease and teasers usually like to be teased themselves… Before our first meeting you will need to be reminded all day of what awaits you. Your outfit will be seamed stockings and suspenders with stiletto heels at least 5 inches high, crisp white blouse unbuttoned low and tight pencil skirt just above the knee. You’ll of course be smart and elegant, but will drive your colleagues wild: the men with desire, the women with jealousy and indignation at your slutty attire.

You will not wear panties on days when we are to meet, however cold or inconvenient it may be: you’ll not forget your purpose that way and stay focused. The first time you’ll also insert a small buttplug which you’ll wear all day. When we hook up, you’ll get down on all fours with knees and ankles together and wordlessly hitch up your skirt to reveal your beautiful naked rear. You tap the face of the plug with a delicately manicured fingernail as the signal for me to extract it and insert my prodigious length, inch by nasty inch. You aren’t allowed to touch your pussy and so unleash your sensitive breasts and tug desperately on your dangling nipples, but are alarmed at how exciting it is to have the first, silent physical contact with a complete stranger you met on the internet, as he begins gently to sodomise you. It feels like losing your virginity all over again. The fragrant juices from your clean-shaven cunt dribble down your inner thighs, soaking the soft nylon of your stocking tops. When you begin to yelp as my strokes become longer and deeper and you literally begin to get a feeling for this unseen cock, eagerly raising your backside higher to ease the angle of entry like a bitch on heat, I place the plug in your mouth for you to suck on and keep the noise to a minimum. I take a long time to cum - I always have.

When I do, I finish in your mouth. But you do have to beg for your supper. A little creamy treat. You tell me you like it thick and chunky, so you can savour its slimy warmth as you greedily guzzle down another man’s seed. I come a lot more when I hear your sexy voice talking dirty. You fix my gaze as I come in your mouth, keen to see how the orgasm affects my face. You need to know it is exquisite for me. You always wish there was more, sucking and licking at the little pipe for every last drop. Any that hit your face you lingeringly wipe off with your finger and into your mouth. You lick it up from your tits, your thighs, the floor. This is how it should be. Deeply, passionately sexual.” If you want more babes in stockings then visit angels in stockings here


Amazing astrid in the office with grey stockings and red high heel shoes

Thursday, December 25th, 2014

“Astrid The lift doors open, and there you are, happy to see me. You’re on the phone, deep in conversation, and I step into the reception, put down my bag, take off my coat and walk behind the desk to you, reach my hand out and lean over, pushing aside your hair, stroking your neck, I kiss your neck, smelling your perfume and your natural scent that makes me rise. It’s been a month since I last saw you, and I have a lot I want to do, with, to and over you. I’m so fucking horny and I can feel your heat. You are trying to focus on the phone call, even though your free hand is running its fingers through my hair. I pull away, stand up straight, and walk to the water cooler. I pour myself a cold water, drink it and come back over to you. I move your chair back half a meter, while your still talking to the yanks. I kneel down in front of you. You look at me naughtily and know exactly what I want to do, and you comply by opening your legs, as soon as my hands touch your thighs. I look at your black stilleto heels and kiss your black tight clad ankles, calves, and thighs. You are wearing suspeders with a red bow(You know I love them) My lips touch your flesh, and my tongue moves inside your thigh and in around your vulva, teasing your clitoris with such closeness. You are wearing no panties, I look up at you, and you are trying to finish the call. I look in between your legs and my tongue makes contact with your wet pussy, my hands rubbing your thighs. I can taste you, and already, you’re very wet, your legs close on me and your stilettos feet rubbing my lower back as you draw me closer head into you watching my face and tongue pleasing you.”


Lots of secretaries getting fucked at work in the office

Friday, December 19th, 2014

This is a great secretary compilation video from the slutty secretaries at lusty office. Where the secretaries are all filthy fucking whores who love to get fucked at work. I am in many ways something of a traditionalist, so patent leather stiletto’s, a tight black pencil skirt that clings to your body, with a short split at the side. White blouse, smokey Grey hold up stockings, with seams. I like women dressed up like that fucking in the office. So I love lusty office. I love secretaries and love to fuck them at work. This is the perfect scenario for me with any of these secretaries in the lusty office.

“What will I do with you? Well, assuming you work in an office block, firstly i will want to explore you in the lift. I will want to take you to your desk and slowly undress you, laying you on your back, lifting your legs high in the air, while I use my mouth to devour your sex. By the way, I am orally fixated. After one or maybe two oral orgasms i Will want to penetrate you. We will move one of the office chairs to a window, I will sit back and you will ease yourself down onto me. Your legs will be spread wide apart, wanton and available. My hands will reach around to caress your breasts. Your fingers will caress your clitoris, while I bite your shoulders and neck until you come once again. You will then kneel at my feet while I masturbate, showering your face and breasts with warm sticky ejaculate.”

Michelle in her office in boots and nylons

Saturday, December 13th, 2014

This MILF can be a mature, sexy, British married M.I.L.F who retired to Spain, who loves to show off in stockings & sexy lingerie. This MILF’s man likes to view this British wife getting seen in stockings and they also have an excellent time shooting hot photos along with films in all different types of locations. Nothing excites them more than if somebody see’s this wife in compromising situations. So in case you are around Spain on holiday, look out for this milf.


If you like more than just secretaries then take a look at this uniform blog

Thursday, December 11th, 2014

Uniform Women site is dedicated to ladies in sexy uniforms. From sexy secretaries to naughty nurses. All the ladies have one thing in common, they are all sexy and all in uniform. Like this sexy secretary. If you want more uniform porn then visit uniform women here

“I would love to meet you in my office, you in short black mini skirt and starched white blouse. i rip the blouse off you and see your breasts encased in a black lacy bra….i hungrily devour your titties with my mouth and rub my erect cock against you. you pull my boxers off and suck my shaft , paying particular attention to my shiny bell end. you turn round and beg me to fuck you from behind which i do….soon pulling out to spray my thick creamy cum all over your tits and pussy

When you are getting dressed in the morning, rolling the stockings up your legs, clipping them onto the belt, pulling up some lacy knickers, and hiding all of that under a short tight skirt, do you find yourself getting turned on thinking about someone other than your husband sliding their hand between your thighs?

What if you’ve been flirting with someone at work, perhaps you’ve unbuttoned your blouse one button too low, leaning over their desk, knowing they aren’t looking at the paperwork you’ve brought them, but are starting at your cleavage and your tits, encased in a lacy sexy bra? I bet you want to feel their hands on you, perhaps being taken by surprise, from behind, someone’s hands pulling you back against them, hands sliding up your silky sheer blouse, hands caressing and fondling your tits through your clothing, the feel of someone kissing your neck, nibbling, moving up to your ear, kissing, teasing, whispering to tell you how hard you’ve made them, how they have to have you…. Feeling them pulling up your tight skirt, pushing you forward over their desk, the sound of a zip being pulled down, then something warm and hard pressing against your soft flesh, your hand reaching back between your legs, pulling the crotch of your knickers to onside, perhaps a lacy thong, and then feeling them penetrating you, taking you there, quick hard and dirty…. illicit encounter over lunch time, feeding you with what you’ve been craving far too long?”


This blond secretary looking amazing in mini dress and high heels.

Sunday, December 7th, 2014

This is another amazing secretary from the only secretaries site. No surprise their as all the secretaries they have are very fucking hot. Not sluts though as this site is all about glamorous secretaries teasing guys in the office. But Stevie looking amazing in mini dress and high heels. What would I love to do to her I hear you ask.

“There is a problem with your computer at the office, seems like there is no internet connection or something like that, you have to call me for help. I show up at your office looking smart, you sitting on your chair. You looking very sexy your legs are crossed. I can see a bit that you wearing stockings, I start to get turned on. You are fixing your hair as you slowly check me out, I ask you how can i help, you tell me the problem as you slowly stand up from your chair and let me sit down.

Before you know it I will be squeezing your tits. You will suck my cock and take it deep in your mouth. You will stand up and bend over so I can finger and lick your wet juicy holes licking up your wonderful juices till you are moaning. You will kneel and suck all the spunk from my cock and drink it. I will then fuck your wet cunt and leave you in a pool of your own cum. You will then hold your tits together and i will fuck them sliding my cock into your wet mouth. You will bend and get your ass fucked hard, till it hurts, all your holes will be filled. You will finger yourself and suck my cum.



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